Beauty And The Botox

We’ve been told time and time again that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   But what happens when you stop seeing the beauty in your face and start focusing on the early signs of aging?

As we get older, small lines appear in places they didn’t exist before.  Pesky wrinkles form around your eyes, deep lines develop on the forehead and between the eyebrows.  You might think “Who is this person?”

I encourage aging gracefully, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to prevent the little nuisances that come with the wisdom factor!

Welcome Botox

Fortunately, today we have Botox, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to keep your confidence strong by gently and painlessly eliminating the signs of aging.

Botox was approved by the FDA in 1989. Since that time, Botox has been used medically and cosmetically to correct a variety of health issues and to help men and women retain a natural, healthy, youthful beauty.

Most people are aware that Botox will improve the appearance of stubborn wrinkles on the forehead, fine lines around the eyes and will significantly reduce the dreaded 11’s, the deep lines between the eyebrows.  Today many are turning to Botox at the very first sign of wrinkles. I have seen the aging process change significantly as a result of the early use of Botox as a preventative measure.

Start Early Stay Youthful

Wrinkles develop over time due to the fact that skin loses elasticity and cannot bounce back from all the laughing, smiling and furrowing of the brow. We use our faces to express a wide range of emotions and eventually the repetitive motions create creases. If you furrow your brows when you’re concentrating or squint throughout the day, you are likely to develop deep creases between the eyebrows and lines on your forehead.

This does not mean you should be “stone faced” all day long.  Showing emotion, whether happy or sad, is part of living! Starting Botox before wrinkles begin or at the very first signs of them can relax facial muscles, prevent them from constricting and causing wrinkles over time.

If you want to prevent wrinkles or make sure they don’t stick around, schedule a Botox consultation. I am a proponent of treating issues early on to maintain skin that always has a youthful smoothness and glow. This method of treatment has also been successful in prolonging, and in some cases preventing the need for surgical procedures.

Before You Begin

Do your due diligence, no matter what kind of cosmetic procedure you are seeking. Whether it is surgical or non-surgical, knowing the reputation and results of the surgeon you select is of utmost importance.