Make A Resolution To Skip Fad Diets This New Year

as a plastic surgeon avoid fad diets

We are heading into a New Year in just a few weeks and that means the annual resolution to lose x number of pounds before the summer bathing suit season comes back […]

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Look Your Best For The Holidays And New Year

botox or fillers for wrinkle removal at the holidays

I know this is the busiest and often the most stressful time of the year. However, you can still show up to your holiday parties or at least greet the New Year […]

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The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Weight During The Holiday Season

maintaining a healthy weight over the holidays

Once upon a time, the holidays were just that – one day in November, a few days in December (depending on what holidays you observe) and January. That would be New Year’s […]

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An Eye-Opening TED Talk

thyroid eye disease reconstructive surgery TED talk

This is not an invitation to go to to watch a fascinating presentation about some life-changing event. However, I do intend for the information I provide here to be compelling and […]

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Tis The Season For Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgery season - season for cosmetic surgery

Fa-la-la-la-la! The holiday season is upon us. And, as you’ll see, it is with good reason that this is also the busiest cosmetic surgery season. Enter The New Year Refreshed Just for […]

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Eyelid Surgery: The Eyebrow’s Connected To The Eyelids…

eyebrow lift with eyelid surgery

We are all familiar with the childhood skeleton song that helps teach about the interconnectedness of all the bones in the body. If you’re not, it goes like this: “the hip bone […]

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Surgery And Injectable Fillers Are Not Mutually Exclusive

plastic surgery and injectable fillers go hand in hand

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they get injectable fillers that they shouldn’t get or need surgery and vice versa. But, that is actually incorrect and here’s why: Surgery […]

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How To A Treat Painful And/Or Chronic Stye

good chances of getting a stye in your lifetime

Chances are if you haven’t had a stye, you probably will at some point in your life. Fact is, the average person has a good chance of getting at least one stye […]

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Plastic Surgery for Men: Men Are Joining The Wrinkle-Free Society In Record Numbers

plastic surgery for men and surgical procedures for men

We Americans tend to like things wrinkle-free – especially our clothes and our skin! And I’m not just talking about women. In fact, most men have always been very persnickety about their […]

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The Difference Between Cutting With Laser Or Scalpel

Atlanta plastic surgeon - plastic surgery with a knife or laser

As you begin your search for an Atlanta plastic surgeon to do any cosmetic procedure on your face, (or anywhere on your body for that matter) start by researching the Board-Certified Plastic […]

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