Cheek Lift / Midface Lift in Atlanta

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Cheek / Midface Lift

Normal aging, gravity, sun exposure and stresses of daily life can be seen in our faces. In many cases, our cheeks drop down and inward with age. This is known as midface laxity.

Can you erase aging with a midface lift or cheek lift?

A midface lift (commonly called a cheek lift) is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can elevate the sagging fat and muscles of the cheeks to help return the natural, youthful fullness to the area below the eyes.

This plastic surgery procedure helps to fill the groove between the cheeks and eyelids, which can be the source of dark circles. A cheek lift or midface lift is often done with a lower eyelid lift – blepharoplasty – or laser skin resurfacing around the eyes.  Correcting both of the areas at the same time will ensure a smooth appearance both under the eyes and continuing down through the cheek area.


For the cheek lift or midface lift that we perform here in Atlanta, small incisions are made in the scalp above the ears (no hair shaved) and inside the mouth. Using an endoscope for visualization, the cheek pads can be lifted and secured back onto the cheekbone using a device called an Endotine.  The Endotine is absorbable and is usually absorbed within 6 months to one year of surgery.


Most patients are back to their normal routine within 1 to 2 weeks after a cheek / midface facelift. Swelling, bruising, and some numbness are part of the recovery process and can be alleviated by each patient’s individualized recovery plan. Sutures are absorbable and will usually fall out on their own after about one week.