Do I Need A Facelift?

age for a facelift, Do I Need A Facelift?, Oculus Plastic Surgery Atlanta | Dr. Chip ColeTo lift or not to lift? That is the question more and more people are asking themselves when they look in the mirror.

How to decide… do you need a facelift?

Whichever way you to decide to go, know this, today’s facelifts are not your mother’s, nor your grandmother’s facelift. (It was a rarity for a man to even consider a facelift 20 years ago, so I can’t say “this isn’t your father’s facelift!) And, these days, age is not the only reason why one would be inclined to choose to have a facelift.

The age of many women electing to have facelifts is getting younger every year.

In the past the average age for women getting facelifts was typically late 50’s or 60’s. Today, more and more women specifically are coming in for face lifts in their late 30’s and early to mid 40’s. Men are waiting a bit later since the procedure is relatively new to them.

You may wonder what would make a person in their 30’s or 40’s desire a facelift?

Mostly, these decisions are driven by issues that cannot be remedied effectively by injectables and fillers. For instance, if you have genetically droopy jowls or sagging cheeks, it doesn’t matter if you are 35 or 65. Instead of using fillers which may have a tendency to give a look of being ‘over-filled’, many are opting for surgery.

Doctors now have better knowledge of the underlying bone structure and musculature than they did years ago. Instead of simply pulling the skin as tight as possible, we now are able to use much smaller incisions and can restore fat compartments as well as tighten muscles that have relaxed to achieve a more natural look with facelifts than before.

By choosing to get a facelift when aging issues are still relatively minor (this holds true for men and women) the transformation is less likely to be massive (read: noticeable). By correcting structural issues earlier rather than later, the healing time will also tend to be faster and the results more discreet.

Therefore, the question of whether to get a facelift or not and when is one that only you can answer.

Exploring the possibilities with a reputable, experienced Board-Certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Chip Cole – Atlanta Plastic Surgeon with 4 Board Certifications – is a good way to begin.