Earlobe Reshaping/Repair

Reconstructive Earlobe Plastic Surgery Procedures

The effects of wearing heavy or gauged earrings, trauma, and normal aging of the ears can split or stretch the earlobes over time. This can permanently cause the ears to be asymmetrical or less attractive in appearance.

Fortunately, Dr. Harvey Cole and Dr. Brent Murphy commonly performs earlobe repair at Oculus Plastic Surgery for patients who wish to restore a more pleasant appearance to their earlobes.

The procedure can correct earlobes that have:

  • Split or torn
  • Become elongated over time
  • Experienced trauma (accidental or cosmetic)


All earlobe repairing procedures are performed on an outpatient basis at our accredited facility. After the earlobe is numbed with local anesthesia, Dr. Cole or Dr. Murphy will repair tears in the lobe and excise excess skin.


Most patients will have a small stud placed in the earlobes to re-pierce them. Patients usually feel good enough to return to work the following day.