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Looking Your Best

Dr. Cole’s #1 Best-Selling book, FACE CHANGE, draws from decades of expertise in the physiology and psychology of looking and feeling your best.

His nonprofit, Face Change Foundation, receives 100% of book proceeds and 10% of cosmetic surgeries toward services for troubled teens.


Dr. Cole explores the many common concerns of his plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery patients and provides tips for looking and feeling your best at any age.

Patients are often curious about the ins and outs of their many options, but they are also hesitant to ask. FACE CHANGE gives readers a glimpse into the wide world of plastic surgery and offers physical and psychological tools for enjoying greater beauty.

“Let’s face change together.” – Dr. Cole


Face Change Foundation is dedicated to providing services for troubled teens during this dificult time of development. Dr. Cole parlays his book launch into a nonprofit by donating all book proceeds and a portion of all cosmetic surgeries to this great cause. His passion for this population runs deep, and he believes that the greatest investment we can make as a society is in our children and the future they will inevitably inherit.


Dr. Cole wholeheartedly believes that beauty is as much an internal realization as it is an external manifestation. His connection to patients and their desired results has landed him much acclaim, both in the hearts of those he serves and in the eyes of critics. An innovator in the cosmetic-surgery field, he has enjoyed top honors by his peers and numerous publications. For him, the greatest satisfaction of his practice is helping patients align their appearance with their intrinsic beauty.

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