Face Facts: With Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Too Tight Is Just Not Right

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery Shouldn’t Announce Itself…

In the early days of modern plastic surgery, you could pretty much always tell who had facial work done. The forehead suddenly looked like it had grown several inches and the hairline looked receded. And the facial skin. Oh, yes, it usually looked tight enough to bounce a coin on.

Truth is, there are some doctors who still take this type of cookie-cutter approach to age and facial cosmetic surgery. They simply decide it’s time to lift, tighten and call it a day. Sure the results are quite noticeable. Everyone will know you had work done. But that’s not the approach a highly reputable facial cosmetic surgeon takes.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery | Reposition And Restore

The key to both looking natural and getting good long-term results with facial cosmetic surgery is not about making your facial skin so tight you could bounce a coin on it.

The idea is to reposition and restore.

One example that is easy to understand is the way our cheeks kind of deflate as we age. If you are not blessed with high cheekbones, you’ll notice that over time cheeks that once sat high and full begin to fall. This causes the folds alongside the nose to become deeper. These nasolabial folds deepen and the result is a look that can only be described as a permanent frown or scowl. The jowls also are pulled down by gravity. Not only does this make you appear older it also makes people think you are always angry.

While some doctors may just stretch, tighten and remove some excess skin, a more contemporary approach calls for what I call “new math”. In contemporary cosmetic surgery we add more than subtract. Instead of just stretching the cheek area higher, a more natural look comes from correcting the underlying problem instead of camouflaging it. That calls for lifting the natural cheek pad to its previous position and work with fillers, where appropriate to create the previous youthful fullness.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery | Recondition Skin

When appropriate and possible, I am in favor of reconditioning the skin with a laser treatment instead of having to remove skin. Laser is an amazing tool for subtly improving the quality of the skin without surgical cutting or tightening. As you do your due diligence when looking for a surgeon, make sure you have a doctor who has the very latest laser technology and who frequently performs laser procedures. Keeping up with industry advances is important to continually achieving the best results.

Maintain Skincare, Healthy Diet And Lifestyle

The three elements I’ve listed above are integral to looking our best as we age. And aging gracefully, healthfully and beautifully is a worthy goal. Taking care of our skin is a lifelong practice. Skin is our largest organ. It must be treated with great care through a consistent skincare routine throughout your life. This one practice will do wonders for keeping your skin looking its very best. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise will also do wonders to keep you looking as youthful and feeling full of youthful vitality.

Enjoy The Journey Into The Golden Years

When you combine a good skincare routine, healthy diet and lifestyle with strategic surgical procedures performed by the most experienced surgeon at the right time, the journey into your golden years is sure to be thoroughly enjoyable. Always look for the surgeon with the greatest expertise in the procedures you are considering. And remember, that tight is not the objective.