Have questions about cosmetic surgery, cosmetic procedures including injectables, plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery?

Get all your questions answered from Dr. Chip Cole and the experienced staff at Oculus Plastic Surgery Atlanta.

Q. What is an oculofacial plastic surgeon?

Because the eyes are the most delicate and intricate part of the human body, experts recommend an oculofacial plastic surgeon for surgery performed around the eyes and face. An oculofacial plastic surgeon is board certified with training in ophthalmology and facial plastic surgery. Through advanced training, Dr. Cole is qualified to address disorders of the eyelid and even repair complications caused by previous cosmetic surgeons. There are only a few hundred oculofacial plastic surgeons worldwide. Dr. Cole is quadruple board certified in ophthalmology, laser surgery, ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

Q. How long do the results of eyelid surgery last?

The results of cosmetic eyelid surgery typically last on average ten years, then gravity can start to pull your eyebrows down. The longevity of results vary according to elasticity, sun exposure and genetics. To get the most out of your surgery for the longest period of time, our plastic surgeons recommend a healthy lifestyle with limited sun exposure. They also advise patients to use sunscreen to minimize further photoaging and wear sunglasses to avoid squinting.

Q. What can i take or do before surgery to enhance my results?

Do’s — multi-vitamins, vitamin C 500 mg twice a day, skin care program, exercise, healthy diet, and sunscreen. Don’ts — aspirin two weeks before surgery, vitamin E over 250iu, smoking, alcohol, and sun exposure. More importantly, make sure your plastic surgeon knows about all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter vitamins and supplements.

Q. How can different surgeons charge different fees for the same surgery?

An experienced and well trained surgeon’s fees will reflect this advanced training and experience.

Q. How much recovery time will i need before i can get back into my normal routine?

You should schedule your surgery during a period when you can devote yourself to healing. During your consultation, we will advise you of the healing time required related to the procedures you chose to have performed. The recovery time can vary from three or four days to two to three weeks, depending on the procedure.

Q. What is the difference between the older scalpel eyelid procedures and the new cosmetic laser eyelid procedures?

The laser offers precise excision of excess eyelid skin and fat pads with less bruising and swelling than the older scalpel procedures. The laser seals blood vessels as the excess skin and fat pads are removed, thus making the surgery “virtually bloodless.” The laser allows our plastic surgeons to remove puffiness and wrinkles from your lower eyelids without an exposed incision. Through these advanced procedures, the eyelid shape is not changed as compared to the older scalpel procedures which affected the shape of your eyes and left visible scars. Laser procedures are less invasive, safer and have shorter recovery times.

Q. How long have our plastic surgeons been performing surgery and how many eyelid procedures have they performed?

Dr. Cole has been performing eyelid surgery for over 30 (change from 25) years and has performed more than 30,000 procedures (change from 25,000) He specializes in eyelid surgery and wrinkle resurfacing.

Q. Where do our plastic surgeons perform surgery?

Our plastic surgeons are on the medical staff of several local hospitals. In order to provide patients with the best possible care, Atlanta Oculus Plastic Surgery features its own private surgical facility, Specialty Surgery Center, Inc. The facility meets hospital standards and is fully accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation on Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).