Getting The Greatest Value From Any Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

cosmetic surgery procedure, Getting The Greatest Value From Any Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Procedure, Oculus Plastic Surgery Atlanta | Dr. Chip Cole

Should you think about “value” when considering a cosmetic surgery procedure?

There is no question that when you embark on a remodeling project or have custom cabinets built that you must be prepared to spend a good deal of money.  The same is true with plastic surgery.

You are embarking on a personal renovation project when you consider a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure.

Avoid Having To Ask For A “Do Over”

In the expensive world of building, remodeling and carpentry, there’s a saying that goes “measure twice and cut once.” In the of world plastic surgery there’s a similar saying that goes “the least expensive cosmetic procedure is the one done correctly the first time.”

When deciding to have any plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure – be it non-surgical wrinkle removal treatments or full-on surgery – the most important job every prospective patient must take on is surgeon selection.

Thus, you should interview several surgeons and only work with the surgeon whose work and reputation you trust implicitly. Your primary focus should be selecting a plastic surgeon who places a quality result and patient safety at the forefront of every procedure.

Give yourself plenty of time to do your research and interviews/consultations. Talk to people who’ve had the same or similar type of work completed by the surgeons with whom you schedule consultations. Ask every question you can think of. Ask about the length of the procedure, the pre-surgical prep and aftercare. Ask if you’ll have access to the surgeon post procedure.

The last thing you ever want to do after plastic surgery is to ask for a ‘do-over.’

This is your face that is being renovated. You want the very best ‘renovation’ that money can buy. And in the long run the one that doesn’t have to be done over is the one that will give you the greatest value for your money.

Be Wary Of…

In your search for an excellent plastic surgeon to do a rhinoplasty procedure, be on the looking for surgeons who think that impaired breathing is an acceptable trade-off for aesthetic improvement. In some circles, surgeons think that it’s perfectly acceptable for breathing to be impaired after a rhinoplasty. But, it isn’t acceptable and should never happen. So put that on your list of questions if you are exploring a rhinoplasty procedure.

Face Facts

When seeking a full or mini face lift procedure, you must be aware that surgeons’ philosophies vary widely. Some love a high full cheek or use transplanted fat to fill out that area. Others think a face-lift that doesn’t address the eye area is incomplete. And some aim to deliver simply a tight neck and a defined jaw line. It is crucial to meet with several surgeons and determine which doctors’ aesthetic sensibilities are most aligned with yours.

Achieving a natural, refreshed and youthful appearance takes more than simply pulling the connective and fatty tissue layers underneath the skin taut. That just makes a face tight not attractive.

Money Well Spent

When all is said and done, you want your finished look from your cosmetic surgery procedure to be so subtle and sublime that even those who know you well will be hard pressed to ascertain what you did. You want to look youthful, refreshed and feel years younger. As I mentioned earlier, no matter how much your procedures cost, if they are done to the highest standards of skill and aestheticism the first time, that’s priceless and money well spent.