How Young Is Too Young For Injectables?

how young too young for fillersWe live in the age of social media, selfies and Kardashians but appearances have been important to young people long before the digital age.  Today though, looks play an even more important role in their lives.

Changing one’s facial features with fillers is all too-frequently requested by those in their teens and sometimes by the parents of pre-teens. Yet, social pressure to look a certain way should never be the reason to start using injectable fillers.

Even Though a Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure, Fillers Are A Medical Procedure

Starting to use dermal fillers (such as Juvederm) too young (and by “too young” I mean before the face has stopped growing) can create problems. Facial features continue to grow at different rates for boys and girls well into the late teens and oftentimes, into the early to mid-20s. Using a dermal filler before knowing how the face is going to look fully grown is not always recommended.

Should teens get lip fillers? 

Getting injectable fillers whether for plumping lips or enhancing cheekbones is not like going to get a pedicure. Fillers are a medical procedure and can cause damage when not properly administered or when administered to patients who are too young.

Significant Other Issues Possible When Starting Fillers Too Young

Most young people typically do not have access to limitless disposable income. Unless you are a celebrity or were born into great wealth, you may have very limited funds. With this in mind, when selecting someone to inject filler, young people are likely to choose someone who isn’t properly qualified and/or experienced. Additionally, these unqualified practitioners may be using inferior products that could lead to problems. Remember, all injectables are medical procedures and should only be administered in a medical facility by well-trained and experienced injectors.

In inexperienced or untrained hands, your desire to change your looks for something you consider “better” could end up with you or your features looking permanently bruised, swollen, lopsided or deformed. Infections can also occur along with more serious side-effects as well.

Over-filling and especially, over-filling of the lips, is often the result of working with unprofessional injectors. This makes younger patients look older than they are. The beauty of injectables when properly administered is subtlety. The idea is to appear refreshed, not older.

One of the most popular filler procedures is plumping lips. Since most lip fillers last from 3 to 5 months or longer, you may end up wanting injections regularly for many, many years. If you start very early that could mean a lifetime of getting injections. This is not something that you think about when you are young, though you really should.

You’re Only Young Once

I know that lifestyles are changing rapidly. As a society we are more comfortable with changing our appearance with plastic surgery and skin care technologies in general. I am all in favor of preserving a youthful appearance. However, unless there are true structural issues such as ears that stick out or a nose that’s too big or too small for the face, injectable procedures started too early can lead to more problems than solutions. You’re only young once. Enjoy the beauty of young skin and facial expressions that are uniquely you. Don’t be in such a big hurry to do things older people wish they didn’t have to do.