Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation Surgery

As we age, the lips often lose volume and develop fine lines. Lip augmentation surgery is performed on men and women who wish to add a revitalized look to their lips. Individuals who are best suited for lip augmentation have lips that are small or thin in appearance, wrinkled, drooping, and or lacking volume.


There are various ways that a lip augmentation can be performed. Our surgeons can perform the procedure by using injectable fillers like Juvederm, collagen, or permanent lip implants. All options will be discussed with you in depth during your consultation.


A dermal filler is mixed with a numbing agent to relieve any pain that may have been apparent during treatment. The filler is administered directly into the lips through a very fine needle, and the entire procedure takes just minutes to complete. Generally, there is little downtime (1 to 2 days) associated with this type of treatment, and patients can expect their new look to last nine months to a year.

Oculus Plastic Surgery only uses FDA-approved fillers for lip augmentation, including:

Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS)

Using tissue from the face that consists of fat and fibrous collagen, a youthful and uplifted appearance is restored to the patient’s lips. This method is typically carried out during a facelift procedure where SMAS tissue is taken from between the skin and facial muscles. Once the tissue is removed, it is inserted into the lips through a tiny incision on the inside of the mouth. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the incision to fully heal after SMAS treatment is performed.


Unlike fillers and SMAS, implants are permanent and will not require any touch-up treatments to maintain the appearance of full lips over time. After the desired implant size is chosen, it is inserted through a small incision inside the mouth. The implant is made out of a flexible silicone material, which enables it to mold to the natural contours of the lips and not break over time. In most instances, it takes about two weeks before the incision completely closes.