Make Sure Your Face Is In The Right Hands

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When you are considering any kind of cosmetic facial procedure, surgical or non-surgical remember this — it’s not like you’re going to the salon to experiment with a new hairdo.

You’re considering giving someone permission to make incisions on your face and make adjustments to it or inject areas on your face with fillers. Unlike hair that grows back, there’s no going back once you make the decision and are under anesthesia.

The point is that you better make sure you choose the right plastic surgeon the first time.

This includes ensuring you trust the experience and aesthetic sensibilities of the surgeon whose hands you put your face in!

Unless you’re going into a witness protection program you probably want to come out of surgery and still look like you – only better, more refreshed, more vibrant and youthful. After you have healed, you want your friends, family and acquaintances to notice something different but not be able to quite pinpoint what it is. You certainly don’t want to look like you’re from a completely different gene pool!

Most people who consider plastic surgery talk to people they know who’ve had a procedure or two.

They may meet with the doctor who did their friend’s surgery. If they feel comfortable, that will be the extent of their research. However, remember, this is your face not your hair.

One thing to look for when researching surgeons is to look for one who teaches or publishes regularly. This demonstrates active engagement with the medical community as well as a commitment to keeping abreast of developments in his or her area of expertise. Both are positive signs of a doctor’s competence.

The doctor-patient relationship is one of the most complex, intimate and special. You want to entrust your care to someone reputable and skilled as well as someone you can communicate with and who listens to your concerns. Choose wisely and avoid having to have your surgery corrected. In other words, put your face in the most able hands the first time and every time.