Plastic Surgery for Men: Men Have Discovered How Good It Feels To Look Good

plastic surgery for men, Plastic Surgery for Men: Men Have Discovered How Good It Feels To Look Good, Oculus Plastic Surgery Atlanta | Dr. Chip Cole

It literally took decades, but finally men came around. They watched women enjoying the benefits of plastic surgery long enough. They noticed how by erasing the various signs of aging women became more joyful, youthful, vibrant and filled with confidence as a result.

Men finally jumped on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon! At first they came with cautiously. But that soon gave way to an absolute tsunami wave of acceptance.

Plastic Surgery for Men: From Bro-tox To Breast Reduction

In 2017 more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men. The most popular plastic surgery for men treatments being nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), liposuction and breast reduction.

Non-invasive treatments are even more popular among men. For instance, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that nearly 500,000 men had Botox injections in 2018. Other popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure among men are laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and other fillers such as Restylane and Hyaluronic acid among others.

It Pays To Look Younger

The first wave of men came quietly exploring procedures that might give them an edge up in an interview when their jobs were on the line or they were in between jobs. Those remain two of the most compelling reasons men are having cosmetic procedures so that seems like a successful strategy for men. But, those are not the only reasons.  Men have decided, like women, that it feels really good to look good.

The younger generation of men are far more comfortable with plastic surgery for men than those from the Baby Boomer generation.

The older generation of men have been inspired by the rugged good looks of James Bond. Agent 007 has been the standard of excellence for magnetic attraction as well as masculinity for decades. Sean Connery set the bar pretty high for subsequent Bonds. Mr. Bond certainly inspired many men to better grooming habits. But as women know, good grooming only goes so far.

As they prepare for retirement, many men begin to explore cosmetic procedures. It’s great to go into your retirement years feeling your best and looking your best. While you may not look like James Bond, you can certainly feel your confident best by making a few tweaks here and there. With more and more mature adults still playing the dating game, cosmetic surgery can make you a more sought-after companion too.

If You’re Not Quite Ready For Procedures Practice Good Grooming

Plastic surgery is still not embraced by everyone. There are women who will never have a procedure and likewise there are men who simply won’t go under the knife. Some people age more beautifully than others too, so it isn’t always a given that everyone needs cosmetic surgery to look their best.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of surgery or even non-invasive treatments, then you may want to explore some behavioral changes that will give your skin a healthy boost.

A good cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection routine may be all you need to look and feel your best.