Post-Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Time Expectations

, Post-Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Time Expectations, Oculus Plastic Surgery Atlanta | Dr. Chip Cole

Wondering about post-cosmetic surgery recovery times?

Healing and recovery times post-cosmetic surgery is not an exact recipe since so many things can influence recovery time. It depends on the state of health you’re in when you get the surgery. How the surgery went. What kind of work you will be returning to – are you required to stand on your feet all day or lift heavy objects. It also depends on how well you take care of yourself immediately after surgery. In other words, how well you follow the prescribed routines for the specific surgery.

Downtime – or post-cosmetic recovery time – doesn’t have to get you down or keep you down if you ask your plastic surgeon for specific guidelines pre- and post-surgery.

While there are average times for recovery from pretty much all cosmetic surgical procedures, you must consider your own personal circumstances and plan conservatively if post-cosmetic recovery times are an issue for you.

For instance, if the expected recovery time is one week, plan to reserve two solid weeks out of your schedule. This way you’ll be prepared and will not have to undergo any undue stress if there are unexpected delays in your recovery. Think of it the way you’d think about planning food for a party. It’s better to have too much rather than too little. Same with recovery time, better to have more than not enough.

Also, if your procedure will be fairly obvious to friends or co-workers – you know, facial cosmetic procedures like facelift surgery, blepharoplasty, or rhinoplasty – you may want to wait until the bruising goes away instead of trying to cover it up with make-up.

While the recovery times below are average, it may take longer than for bruising and swelling to completely subside.

Average Recovery Times For Popular Cosmetic Surgeries:

Breast Augmentation: 1 week

Breast Lift: 1 week

Arm Lift Surgery: 1 week

Liposuction/Smart Lipo: 1 week

Labiaplasty: 1 Week

Otoplasty (ear Surgery): 1 week

Gynecomastia: 1 week

Brow Lift: 1-2 weeks

Chin Augmentation: 1-2 weeks

Neck Lift: 1-2 weeks

Facelift: 2 weeks

Eyelid Surgery: 2 weeks

Thigh Lift: 2 weeks

Tummy Tuck: 3-4 weeks

Body Lift: 3-4 weeks

Mommy Makeover: 3-4 weeks