Surgery And Injectable Fillers Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they get injectable fillers that they shouldn’t get or need surgery and vice versa.

But, that is actually incorrect and here’s why:

Surgery works on the muscles under the skin that lose elasticity over the years which cause wrinkles. Injectables help fill deep lines and restore volume where it’s lost.  It’s a matter of correction vs. camouflage.  Depending on your age and the objective you want to achieve, the two procedures can be complementary and are definitely not mutually exclusive.

Depending on the condition of the skin when you begin using injectables, you may actually avoid surgery until much later in life. For instance, if you are in your 20’s when you begin using Botox, you may not need surgery to smooth out forehead wrinkles. However, if you are more mature and are seeking to smooth out deep wrinkles and folds in the skin with injectables you are merely camouflaging the problem instead of correcting it. In this case, surgery is a great option.

Camouflage And Correct

Fillers camouflage the wrinkles and must be used on a consistent basis as they typically last anywhere from 6- 24 months depending on the product.  They add volume where it’s been lost due to gravity, age and decreased skin tone.  On the other hand, surgery actually corrects muscle and tissue malposition while improving skin quality.  They can be used separately or together, but after cosmetic surgery, fillers are typically not needed for quite some time.

The ABC Of Complementary Injectables And Surgery

Surgery and injectables can complement each other, and there’s no harm in doing both at the same time depending on the area being treated.  For instance, when doing an endoscopic browlift, I prefer to use what I call the ABC method.  Here’s what it stands for:

A – Stands for anchoring (correction through surgery)

B – Stands for Botox (to relax certain muscles)

C – Stands for CO2 fractional laser (smoothing out skin tone and fine lines)

Smoothness And Volume

Get the best of both procedures, smooth, youthful skin and youthful volume. Surgery and injectables work together to give you long-lasting beautiful results. If you have further questions, give us a call.