Teaming Up For Cosmetic Procedures Could Be Double The Fun Or Double Trouble

cosmetic procedures, Teaming Up For Cosmetic Procedures Could Be Double The Fun Or Double Trouble, Oculus Plastic Surgery Atlanta | Dr. Chip Cole

Some people love to share all of their experiences with a good friend, a spouse or a sibling. This holds true for elective cosmetic procedures too.

In fact, I’ve had many people schedule procedures at the same time so they can support each other and/or commiserate while recovering together.

Plan For Maximum – Not Minimum – Recovery Time for Your Cosmetic Procedures

Experiencing cosmetic procedures together can be enjoyable. Alternately, depending on the personalities, temperaments, patience and fortitude of each individual, it could turn into a less than pleasant experience. One of the most important things to know going in is to allow the maximum amount of downtime for cosmetic procedure healing. Too many people opt for the minimum time and end up being angry and feeling resentful if healing takes longer.

Post-Surgical Depression Is Common After Cosmetic Procedures

 Secondly, keep in mind that some people actually experience depression in the days following surgery. And there’s just no telling who might have that kind of experience. It’s just something to remember if you are going to team up with someone for a procedure or two or three. If your friend or both of you aren’t cheery post-op, well, that could be a real downer.

A Real Life Example of a Duo & Their Cosmetic Procedure Together…

I share an experience of a married couple, both of whom are doctors, that went through facial procedures simultaneously only to emphasize the importance of thinking deeply about whether or not to share the experience. Each one of the couple had multiple procedures. For the husband, we did upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty combined with a lower face lift and tightening of his platysma muscle and jawline. The wife had an endoscopic midface lift, lower face lift along with platysma tightening, and laser resurfacing of the eye region.

When It Comes to Cosmetic Procedures Doctors Can Be The Worst Patients…

One might assume that two doctors would be the ideal couple to work with. You would think they would be completely aware of and ready for the healing process. However, that is not always the case. Even though the end results for this couple were excellent, they both experienced an early case of buyers’ remorse because they had drastically underestimated their recovery process.

They shared with me that they both used to get frustrated by their patients who did not listen to them or follow their suggested protocol to the letter. They admitted that they both became those exact same kind of patients because they did not listen to me about allowing adequate recovery time. They only allotted themselves the minimum two-week window for recovery. One month is the maximum which I always recommend. Especially for the kind of work these two patients had undergone.

Someone To Take Care Of The Team

If you and your surgery mate are going to recover under the same roof, you will also need to think about who will tend to the needs of two people who are going through the healing process. Depending on the procedures you have, you may need the services of a nurse for the first 48-hours. After that you will need to have either another close family member or friend who will be available to tend to the two of you for a minimum of one full week. They will need to prepare food, run errands and possibly take you for follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon. Think carefully about who that might be. Once again, you need someone who is attentive, patient and understanding.

Think Twice…

This is a cautionary tale and you want to think about whether or not you want to go through plastic surgery alone or with a friend. If you are cranky when under the weather, you might want to go it alone. Perhaps that person you want to share the experience with would be the perfect person to tend to your needs post-surgery. Then, you can return the favor. That’s another great way to share the experience.