The Difference Between A Silly Little Millimeter In Facial Plastic Surgery

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I remember a very old commercial that had the catchphrase, “one silly little millimeter longer.” Turns out it was for a cigarette. That aside, I want to discuss exactly what a millimeter can mean in facial plastic surgery.

As a facial plastic surgeon, I work in a world of millimeter precision. And I think you’ve probably seen the results when a surgeon isn’t precise.

A silly little millimeter too far or not far enough in facial plastic surgery can mean either looking the same as you did before the surgery or like you live in a permanent wind tunnel.

For a facial plastic surgeon, one silly little millimeter could define the difference between experience and expertise.

For some facial plastic surgeons, when they talk about their experience, “experience” can mean having done a few facial procedures. Expertise is when a surgeon has done 10,000 or more facial procedures. Especially when working around the eyes, a greater degree of precision and knowledge is required.

The whole point I’m making is that when considering facial plastic surgery, don’t try to cut corners. You will be best served by working with the surgeon with the greatest degree of expertise. You simply never want to penny pinch on facial surgery. You might get away with it on other body parts that can be covered with clothing.  But, you simply cannot camouflage the area from your neck up. Your eyes, mouth, chin, your entire face, these are features that are seen by everyone.

Conduct consultations with plastic surgeons whose work you admire. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a silly little millimeter doesn’t make a difference when it comes to your face.