The Difference Between Cutting With Laser Or Scalpel

As you begin your search for an Atlanta plastic surgeon to do any cosmetic procedure on your face, (or anywhere on your body for that matter) start by researching the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area with the most experience doing the procedure you desire.

Do your due diligence. Do your homework. Talk to friends, family and acquaintances who have had work done that you admire. Add their surgeon (hopefully, an Atlanta plastic surgeon) to your list to interview.

There’s a whole lot of buzz these days about whether a surgeon uses a scalpel or laser.

Let me clarify: Understanding the differences you’ll experience when a surgeon uses laser instead of a traditional scalpel should not be your primary concern. The scalpel was the only instrument we surgeons had at our disposal for decades. And, believe me, in the right hands it is a wonderful instrument. The truth is, an experienced surgeon can make magic with any instrument. Likewise, an inexperienced surgeon can wreak havoc with the most advanced instrument. Get it? You are looking for a highly experienced reputable surgeon, not a piece of technical equipment.

The Cutting Edge: Ablate, Vaporize And Coagulate

With all that being said, I will point out some of the benefits of laser versus scalpel cutting. But, once again, these points only hold true when in the hands of a surgeon experienced in using laser. The idea of the laser was intended to reduce trauma to surrounding facial tissue during surgery. In soft tissue surgery the laser cuts, ablates, vaporizes and coagulates. So, with that in mind, the following are the benefits you can expect when working with an experienced surgeon who uses laser instead of scalpel.

1)     Using a laser during surgery lessens bruising and swelling during the first 6 weeks.

2)     Laser makes precise incisions and seals as it cuts. By sealing as its cuts you have less bleeding, which means less bruising and less swelling.

3)     If you hear anything about thermal damage, remember, this is only caused by an inexperienced surgeon who doesn’t use the correct laser energy.

A Cut Above

You may find some experienced surgeons who don’t use laser. Don’t be too surprised. The only reason a surgeon doesn’t use laser is because it is extremely expensive equipment and many surgeons don’t perform enough procedures to justify the cost. Don’t hold that against your surgeon. If you are comfortable that you will get the look and care you want from a surgeon that doesn’t use laser listen to your guts. I can’t say it often enough, The tool that a surgeon uses is far less important than their skill.

While the laser may be slightly more effective – in the hands of a skillful surgeon – the recovery and post-surgical side effects will not vary dramatically. Swelling and bruising will be less with laser especially during the first 6 weeks of recovery.

Nothing beats the confidence you feel in the confidence level of the surgeon you decide to select to do your procedure. If you feel any doubts about the qualifications of a surgeon, keep looking until you are rock solid that your surgeon can give you the look you desire.