The Endoscopic Cheek Lift: Less Invasive More Youthful Fullness

, The Endoscopic Cheek Lift: Less Invasive More Youthful Fullness, Oculus Plastic Surgery Atlanta | Dr. Chip Cole

Why consider the endoscopic cheek lift?

Full cheeks have always been a sign of youth. Both health and youthfulness are embodied in full, rosy red cheeks. And if you happen to be blessed with naturally high cheekbones you are probably the envy of all your friends.

As age takes its toll, if you weren’t genetically blessed with high cheekbones, you may notice the cheeks begin to sag. This tends to draw the entire weight of the face downward. Very often, this sagging can also pull the lower eyelid downward creating a permanent look of tiredness.

The endoscopic cheek lift is a welcome lift for mid-face laxity.

Mid-face laxity, as it is called, is a result of all of life’s assaults: gravity, sun exposure and environmental and emotional stresses take their toll on the face. Once the cheek muscles sag and the fat in the cheeks diminishes, a hollowing occurs. In addition, you may notice the folds that run from the corner of the base of the nose to the corner of the mouth, are more prominent, adding to the downward trend. Just as full cheeks are a sign of health and youthfulness, hollow cheeks are a sign of illness and/or old age.

You don’t have to live with that. And you don’t have to go through the more invasive full-face lift. There is a far less invasive procedure referred to as an endoscopic cheek lift. Endoscopic means small incisions are made into which a tiny camera is inserted along with a product called Endotine®, which is a stabilization device made of a dissolvable suture material. This holds the soft tissues securely as they heal and dissolve over time. The cheek remains in a youthful position.  If necessary the surgeon will then remove excess fatty tissue under the eyes, reshape facial muscles and tissues that have become loose over time. This restores volume to the lower eyelid area and relieves pressure from the nasolabial folds revealing a more youthful appearance.

The endoscopic cheek lift has minimal downtime and beautiful results.

Generally speaking, the endoscopic cheek lift procedure takes about an hour to complete. You’ll want to allow for a two-week recovery period. And, the great news is that the results can last for 10 years or more.

You may be a great candidate for an endoscopic cheek lift if you have moderate facial imperfections caused by excess fatty tissue and facial muscles that have begun to loosen. Many patients have sagging cheeks, visible lines around the nose, and thin, downturned lips. Typically, though the skin is still somewhat supple. We see patients for this procedure who are in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. The key is that they don’t have large amounts of sagging skin.

Discussing this procedure in-depth with a surgeon experienced in performing it will give you a realistic understanding of what this type of mid-face lift can achieve. Becoming well informed is always the first step in deciding on this and any other procedure you may consider. Always do your due diligence and speak to patients who’ve had the procedure. And work with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon that you feel most comfortable will be able to provide the end results you desire.